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I think I have found that gut dysbiosis is the underlying cause of my hypothyroidism. As many of you know, I have been fighting a years-long battle with this disease. I have been able to control it by taking thyroid medication and bio-identical hormones, but I don’t want to be taking any kind of medication for the rest of my life.

I kept wondering what in the world was causing this, and when I read about Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book called “GAPS,” it really resonated with me. She says that anyone who has a parent or grandparent with autoimmune disorders, probably has gut dysbiosis, otherwise known as “Leaky Gut.”

My mother had asthma and allergies very badly, so I know that I was born with messed up gut flora, because parents, especially mothers, pass it on to their children via the placenta during gestation, in the birth process, and by breast-feeding, as well as genetically and environmentally.

What happens in this disorder is that both our preference for processed food and environmental degradation, feeds gut flora that is out of balance. Ideally, we should all have 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract. We actually need the bad bacteria too, but it has to be kept in check by our good guys.

Without this proper gut flora, the body cannot manufacture vitamins, enzymes and, most importantly, hormones. That’s what rang a bell for me. Not only that, but the body cannot do its job of taking toxins out properly, so it does the equivalent of what we do when we are overwhelmed. We stack stuff on our desks, saying that we will deal with it later when we have time.

Well, in the body, fat tissue is the “virtual desk” that is stuffed with toxins that the body will “get to later”. That’s one of the contributing factors to the obesity epidemic in this country. The other is the preponderance of anti-biotic use.

Dr. Campbell-McBride says that most GAPS children have multiple ear infections in childhood. That would be me! As kids, we swam in rivers and lakes all the time and I constantly had ear infections that were treated with antibiotics.

Of course, these “anti-life” medications kill ALL of the bacteria in the body, which allows yeast and fungus to proliferate, and keeps the good bacteria from repopulating the gut. The result is gut dysbiosis, or leaky gut, which allows undigested food particles to pass through the intestinal wall.

That in turn, triggers the immune system to attack them, because they aren’t supposed to be in the blood stream. Therefore, allergies arise to foods that do not cause any harm in a normal gastrointestinal tract.

Our gut is literally our second brain and there is a direct connection between the two. The gut actually makes more serotonin than the brain does, and the two are made up of the same kind of tissue. When leaky gut exists, the connection gets short-circuited, so to speak, and the senses of the GAPS child or adult are not like those of normal people.

Food looks, feels and tastes different, and sounds are often way too loud for comfort. That’s why autistic children draw inwards, to escape. The GAPS person cannot change or help the way they feel, unless they change their gut flora.

Thankfully, this is relatively easy to do, in that diet and lifestyle changes create a cure. For most people, though, foregoing fast food makes them panic, so it will require an adjustment. But think of the savings over the cost of medication, which just addresses symptoms and not the underlying cause. This cures it forever!

I have just finished reading the book and I am going to implement the diet she recommends. It is not that much different from what I advocate in my book “Alive Health” and which I already follow. Her book can be ordered at a lower cost by going to this link:

This, of course, is just covering a small portion of what the book said. I do strongly encourage you to purchase it, because I think most of us could benefit from it.

I will report back to you via this newsletter next month and let you know how it went. I’m excited to get started on the road to better health myself!

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