Natural and Organic Food Resources List

Natural and Organic Food Resources List - January 2010

N. F. = Natural Foods Warehouse

Harry’s = Harry’s Food Market or any Whole Foods store

I advocate going to Natural Foods Warehouse first, as they will normally have the lowest prices on natural and organic food, and then going to Harry’s or Whole Foods. Of course, I always try to support our local businesses as much as possible and only buy things in Atlanta that I can’t get where I live.

Our local food stores, Kroger, Ingles and Food Lion, are doing a great job of trying to stock as many of the natural and organic foods as possible. Therefore we should support them as much as we can.

Meats And Fish

1. Whiteoak Pastures grass fed/finished beef – Publix; N. F.

2. Applegate Farms turkey, chicken and ham – Publix (in Gainesville at Thompson Bridge and Enota); Harry’s

3. Applegate Farms turkey bacon – Ingles

4. * Private Selection ground beef – Kroger

5. Coleman uncured ham steak – Ingles or Harry’s

6. Coleman chicken sausages – Ingles

7. Applegate Farms oven roasted chicken and turkey – Harry’s

8. Wilshire Farms turkey ham – Harry’s (has some sugar)

9. Salmon or tuna – order on-line from Vital choice

10. Bison from Kroger, N. F. or Harry's

Dairy Products

11. Redwood Hill Farm goat’s milk yogurt – N. F. (pasteurized but not homogenized)

12. ** Cascade Fresh Activ8 yogurt – Harry’s

13. ** Lifeway kefir – Ingles and Kroger

14. Raw Goat Milk mild cheddar cheese – N.F.

15. Organic Valley raw sharp and mild cheddar cheese – Kroger and Ingles

Nuts, Dried Fruit and Seeds

16. Raw sunflower seeds – up front at Kroger’s Natural Market beside the dairy section

17. Sulfite-free sundried tomatoes – Harry’s (pasta aisle)

18. Sulfite-free dried fruit (cranberries) – Harry’s

19. Organic nuts – baking goods section of Kroger

20. Organic raisins – dried fruit section of Kroger

21. Raw nuts and seeds – Harry’s or N. F.

22. Medjool or Deglet dates – Harry’s

23. Let’s Do Organic shredded coconut and flakes –N. F.

24. Salba Seeds - N. F.

Oils and Grain Substitutes

25. Extra virgin olive oil – best prices usually at N. F., Kroger, Harry’s

26. Sesame oil – Ingles with Thai food

27. Organic sesame seed oil – Harry’s or N. F.

28. Eden toasted sesame oil – Harry’s or Food Lion

29. Fresh Shores coconut oil – (order online)

30. Fresh Shores coconut flour – (online) (Kroger does carry some coconut flour too)

31. Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free or regular rolled oats – Harry’s, N. F. or order online at Bob’s Red Mill

32. Quinoa – Harry’s

33. Arrowroot flour – Harry’s

34. Almond flour – Kroger


35. Bagged Ready-to-use kale – Ingles (occasionally Kroger too)

36. Bagged Earthbound Farms greens – Ingles

37. Clamshell packaged Private Selection organic greens – Kroger

38. Eat Smart bagged broccoli slaw and veggies – Kroger and Ingles

39. Fresh Express veggie packs – Kroger


40. Organic spices – Harry’s, N. F., some at Kroger

41. Stevia – Harry’s or N. F. for powdered versions or the Natural Health store to the right of Kroger

42. Xylitol – Harry’s, or on-line through Emerald Forest

43. Luo Han Guo – order online

44. Celtic Sea Salt – Harry’s or N. F.

45. Organic fair trade cocoa powder – Harry’s or N. F.

46. Gluten-free pizza crust – Harry’s (in frozen case)

47. Frozen organic cherries – Food Lion

48. Brown rice vinegar – Ingles, Harry’s and N. F.

49. Flax seeds – Kroger, Harry’s or N. F.

50. Barlean’s Forti-Flax – Harry’s

51. Health from the Sun sprouted flax – N. F.

52. Raw tahini – Kroger, Harry’s, N. F.

53. Organic Sesame tahini – Kroger

54. Miso Master organic miso – Harry’s

55. Westbrae Natural organic mellow white miso – Kroger

56. Organic coconut milk in cans – Kroger, Harry’s or N. F.

57. Regular coconut milk in cans – Ingles (Hispanic foods)

58. EnerG egg replacer – Harry’s, N. F. or Kroger

59. Dr. Bronner’s pure Castile soap – Kroger

60. Veggie Wash – with eco cleaners in Natural Market area

61. Vegenaise (grape seed oil only) Kroger and N. F.

62. Spiral Slicer – Joyce Chen (on internet)

* Private Selection brand is a natural and organic food, but I don’t know if their beef is grass-finished or not, a very important consideration.

** Both of these are pasteurized and homoginized, which you ideally want to avoid, but in a pinch, these are better than anything else.

Some of the items listed in this natural and organic food list are for recipes in my new Alive Health Recipe Book, available on Amazon.

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