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Is your olive oil rancid? If it is, you may be doing your body more harm than good by using it.

If you have read through my website much at all, you already know that the best oil to use for cooking is coconut oil and the best one to use raw is olive oil. According to Dr. Rudi Moerck, (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/10/30/rudi-moerck-on-cooking-oils.aspx) a drug industry insider and an expert on fats and oils, “Your body will burn [coconut oil] as fuel or it will get rid of it some other way. It won't store it in your body. So from that point of view, if you're going to use oil then that's a good one to use."

Olive oil is best use raw as a salad dressing because heating it causes it to oxidize. However, even in its raw state it is very susceptible to turning rancid. This is because extra-virgin olive oil contains chlorophyll, which accelerates decomposition and makes it oxidize rapidly.

When a bottle of olive oil is opened frequently, it causes it to be exposed to light and air, both of which cause oxidation. Therefore it is best to replace the cap on the bottle as quickly as possible after opening. Also, buy small bottles of the oil and store it in a cool, dark place to maximize longevity too.

How to Tell When Olive Oil Goes Bad

One thing you can do to help determine when your oil has become rancid is to use astaxanthin, which is a potent antioxidant. This can be purchased in soft gel capsules which can then be pierced with a pin and one drop squeezed into the oil.

The reason this works so well is that astaxanthin is naturally red and will show up in the bottle of oil. When the oil starts to pale, you will know that it is time to throw it out. You can also use lutein, which is orange in color, the same way to determine if the oil is rancid.

Don't Throw It Out Just Yet

If the oil is rancid, use it to shine your stainless steel. Dab a little on the faucet, say, and then buff it lightly with a paper towel. If you want to continue to use it this way, buy a cheap brand next time for this purpose only.

Use it on sinks, or on counter tops made of granite, stone or wood surfaces, but not on glass because it streaks. It works on windowsills, baseboards and some moldings and can also be used on kitchen hinges and metal brackets.

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