Signs of Thyroid Problems

Signs of thyroid problem

The following information is what alerted me to the signs of thyroid problems for myself when I happened to see it in a book I was reading. This list is taken from the book "The Coconut Diet" by Cherie Calbom.

How interesting that I should get well from reading a diet book! Cherie is to be commended for including this "off the topic" list in her book, which, by the way, is excellent and would be a great addition to anyone's library.

Of these 76 signs of an unbalanced body, I had 43, or more than half of them. That is what alerted me to the fact that I might have thyroid issues in the first place.

These are the indications of an underactive thyroid or hypothyroid condition. Give yourself 1 point for each symptom that applies to you.

1. Appetite problems - severely reduced or excessive

2. Bloating or indigestion after eating

3. Low body temperature (below 97.6 - resting)

4. Weight gain

5. Mucus accumulation

6. Hoarse throat

7. Cold hands and feet

8. Puffy eyes

9. Constipation

10. Decreased sweating

11. Dry mouth - drinking water doesn't help much

12. Intolerance to cold or heat

13. Poor digestion of animal products

14. Poor absorption of minerals

15. Sluggish lymph drainage

16. Swelling - ankles, eyelids, face, feet, hands, lymph nodes, throat

17. Spleen or liver problems

18. Calcium deficiency

19. Carpal tunnel syndrome

20. Left arm weakness

21. Muscle/joint problems - knees, elbows, etc.

22. Numbness in fingers

23. Stiff neck

24. Tenderness in lower ribs

25. Brittle nails

26. Grooves or ridges in nails

27. Thin, peeling nails

28. Slow-growing nails

29. White spots on nails (this can also be a zinc deficiency)

30. Fluttering in ears

31. Occasional stinging in eyes

32. Poor vision

33. Impotency

34. Loss of libido/low sex drive

35. Miscarriages

36. Premature deliveries

37. Spontaneous abortions

38. Stillbirths

39. Coarse, dry hair

40. Hair loss

41. Loss of hair on arms, underarms, legs, eyebrows, scalp

42. Elevated cholesterol

43. Enlargement of heart

44. Heart pain

45. Hypertension

46. Pain in diaphragm

47. Heart Palpitations

48. Impaired heart function

49. Slower heart rate

50. Sense of pressure (compression) on chest

51. PMS

52. Prolonged or heavy menstrual bleeding

53. Light menstrual flow

54. Shorter menstrual cycle

55. Bi-polarity (manic-depression)

56. Depression

57. Difficulty concentrating

58. Emotionally unstable

59. Fatigue/lack of energy

60. Forgetfulness

61. Inability to "drag oneself from bed"

62. Lethargy

63. Nervousness

64. Restlessness

65. Shyness

66. Tendency to cry easily

67. Chronic mucus in head/nose (thyroid governs mucus production)

68. Shortness of breath

69.Difficulty drawing deep breath

70. Gasping of air occasionally

71. Intolerance to closed, stuffy rooms

72. Loss of smell

73. Need for fresh air

74. Sleep disturbances

75. Grinding teeth during sleep

76. Loss of hearing

A score of 20 points or more may be indicative of an underactive thyroid.

Although this thyroid quiz can help you determine any signs of thyroid problems, ultimately the best method for diagnosis is clinical evaluation by a physician knowledgeable in thyroid health. See a physician who can treat your condition holistically. That's the best way to take care of any signs of thyroid problems.

If you happen to live in the Atlanta, GA area, the place I would recommend is Progressive Medical Center located in Dunwoody on Shallowford Road. Dr. Cheryl Burdette who works there is one of the best naturopathic doctors I have ever met.

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